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Do you know about your name?

Soon, give me a chance to EXplore YOur NAme

{Please follow below instructions before entering your name.}

1. Enter only one name.

2. If your name is consisted (in pronounciation) with long sounds (e.g.:- Á É Í Ó Ú ) replace them as follows. (Don't use these letters "Á É Í Ó Ú")

    á -> aa or á -> ae (this is different according to pronounciation)

    é -> ei

    í -> ee

    ó -> oe

    ú -> uu

  For clarification, look at these examples,

    කාංච   : Kaanchana  කාංචනා   : Kaanchanaa

    පැහැසරා : Pahasaraa   පැහෑසරා  : Pahaesaraa

    ගයෙෂා   : Gayeshaa   ගයේෂා     : Gayeishaa

    පුවනි      : Puwani       පුවනී        : Puwanee

    ෂදි       : Oshadi       ෂදි         : Oeshadi

    කසුමි      : Kasumi      කසූමි        : Kasuumi

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